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    About me:

    Many of you will know me only as Girlie_Biker and will have met me through one of the internet biking forums which I used to frequent. You may know that I am thirty something, live in West Sussex these days (previously Surrey) and that I commute on a Red GPZ or a black Firestorm. You may even remember seeing me on my very noisy Kawasaki ZZ-R600E which was my pride and joy, (but I have since admitted defeat and sold him to my then partner, who has since sold him on - I wonder if I shall ever see him on the road again?).

    A little bit about what's on this site;


    The Workshop

    A page chronicling my repair experiences (good and bad!), along with tool advice and tips.

    Points of view:  

    A page where I tell you what I think. Basically me banging on... my own little soapbox (within this whole soapbox!)

    Stuff for sale

    A page for parts I'm looking to get rid of - not desperate to lose, but if someone needs 'em I'd rather they were put to use than sitting in my garage doing nothing. If you spot something you need/want, please contact me.

    Stuff I want

    We all have lots of stuff lying around, one mans junk is another's treasure. Some of this I need quite soon others, its a wish list, if I find it somewhere I'll have it, if I don't, I'll live. If you've got it let me know - maybe we can do a deal.

    Old Stuff

    As time goes by and I move things around, I don't really know what to do with some of the things I have posted - BSB seasons 2005/2006 have ended up here. I've also posted some links to some of my more memorable daily postings.

    My RoSPA experience:  

    When I decided to do my advanced training I thought I'd put a few notes here both to monitor my own progress and to give you and idea what its all about from my first meeting with my instructor to present day social rides and follow up training.

    Forthcoming events:

    yea, yea I know it's a bit empty......

    December - Xmas hols - yay!



    My various ramblings;

    Current - Where I update you all with what's happening with me on a semi regular basis (i.e. when I don't forget or when I'm remembering to keep it up to date) I try to keep this down to the last three months, the rest goes to the Archives.

    Online - Where I can post things to my website from anywhere whenever the need strikes - this is new and may not stay if I don't find it useful.

    Archives - what it says on the tin...

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